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Prizes & reviews

Some of my work has won major prizes; more has been shortlisted for awards.

Most recently, Don't Flush reached the short list of the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize. Don't Flush was also shortlisted for the School Library Information Book Award, and its predecessor, Plague, Pox and Pestilence reached the Royal Society shortlist in 2012.

The website A Sailor's Life For Me has been widely honoured. It was picked by the American Association for State and Local History for an Award of Merit; the children's media evaluation foundation Parent's Choice recommended the website in June 2012: this follows a 2011 Bronze Muse Award from the American Association of Museums.

Double Crossing was shortlisted for the 2012 Salford Children's Book Award.

However, Pirate Diary (Walker Books) has been my most successful book so far, picking up a Blue Peter award for the "best book with facts" and a Smarties Silver prize. The book's predecessor, Castle Diary, was shortlisted for the Smarties, for the Kurt Maschler prize, and for prizes awarded by History Today and the Times Education Supplement.

Incredible Cross Sections (Dorling Kindersley) was selected by the Guardian as one of the three greatest children's books of the 90s, and was also on the Smarties shortlist.

Eureka (Kingfisher) was picked as an Outstanding Science Trade Book by the US Science Teachers' Association and Book Council. It also made it to the Aventis shortlist. So too did Stephen Biesty's Incredible Body when the prize was sponsored by Rhone Poulenc.


big open quotes graphicWhen I was reading the book I couldn't stop.close quotes graphic

Erin, aged 12, reader, on Double Crossing

big open quotes graphicA historical gem.close quotes graphic

Lancashire Evening Post on Olympics Through Time

big open quotes graphicRichard Platt's words are spot-on… Witty and informative the book is a must-have.close quotes graphic

Read Me on Would you believe… in 1500, Platform Shoes Were Outlawed

big open quotes graphicWhen are you going to write a real book, Darling? close quotes graphic

My mum

big open quotes graphicA compelling information book that tempts readers to flick through the pagesclose quotes graphic

The Bookseller on Beijing Through Time

big open quotes graphicA great read for children who enjoy swashbuckling adventuresclose quotes graphic

Northern Echo on Pirate Diary

big open quotes graphicUnadulterated fun to readclose quotes graphic

The Guardian on Castle Diary

big open quotes graphicRichard Platt is an excellent writer... a very good series that I am sure will become firm favourites. I have no hesitation in recommending them as either a class or school resource. close quotes graphic

Godfrey Hall in The School Librarian on the OUP Would You Believe? series

big open quotes graphicMeticulous research has obviously gone into the preparation of this truly interesting history bookclose quotes graphic

Stars Herald American on Castle Diary

big open quotes graphicNever has a book given such a feel for what life was like in the middle agesclose quotes graphic

The Children’s Bookseller on Castle Diary

big open quotes graphicFiction underpinned by facts in a rip-roaring yarn by Richard Plattclose quotes graphic

Sunday Times on Castle Diary

big open quotes graphicRichard Platt's fact-filled captions answer all the ‘how does that work?’ questions.close quotes graphic

The Guardian on Incredible Cross Sections

big open quotes graphicRichard Platt's excellent text makes this a fabulous reference book as well as an astonishing piece of visual intrigue.close quotes graphic

The Guardian on Stephen Biesty's Incredible Body

big open quotes graphican excellent source of historical evidence and nautical information.close quotes graphic

School Librarian on Eyewitness Shipwreck

big open quotes graphicIntriguing text [makes] this meticulously-presented book a treasure trove of factual content and visual imagery.close quotes graphic

Booklist on Cross Section Man Of War

big open quotes graphicPlatt's … text is clearly written and full of fascinating facts about the ship and the men who sailed her.close quotes graphic

School Library Journal on Cross-Section Man-of-War

big open quotes graphicThe writing is skilful, the plot gripping, and the characters often surprisingclose quotes graphic

Junior Education on Pirate Diary

big open quotes graphicThe strength of the book is the way it conveys the global nature of inventionsclose quotes graphic

Kirkus Reviews on Inventions Explained