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An Emerald Band reader for the Collins Big Cat series, Mapping Australia combines a biography of admiral James Cook with the gripping story of Australlia's exploration and cartography. It was published in the UK in September 2016.



Mapping Australia

The cover of "THE MAYA"


The cover of "MAN MEETS METAL"

Man Meets Metal

The cover of Olympics Through Time

Olympics Through Time

The cover of Palaces, Peasants and Plagues

Palaces, Peasants and Plagues

The cover of Collins Plague and Fire

Plague & Fire

The cover of New York Through Time

New York Through Time

The cover of Roman Diary

Roman Diary

The cover of London Through Time

London Through Time

The cover of Discovering Vikings

Discovering Vikings

The cover of Beijing Through Time

Beijing Through Time

The cover of Pompeii Through Time

Pompeii Through Time

The cover of Egypt Diary

Egypt Diary

The cover of Would you Believe Platform Shoes Were Outlawed in 1500

Would You Believe it ... Fashion

The cover of WOuld You Believe the Losers were Killed in Mayan Football

Would You Believe it ... Leisure

The cover of History the Really Interesting Bits

History, the Really Interesting Bits

The cover of D-Day Landings

D-Day Landings

The cover of Discovering Egyptians

Discovering Ancient Egyptians

The cover of The Illustrated Book of Great Adventurers

Great Adventurers

The cover of Aztecs


The Cover of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

The Cover of In the Beginning

In the Beginning

The cover of Megabites Explorers

Megabites Explorers

The cover of Everest


The cover of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

The cover of Discovering American Indians

Discovering American Indians